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About Paddles by Blue

Vicky Hare, the artist behind Paddles by Blue, is a nomad at heart having lived, worked and travelled far and wide, always returning to her roots in the vibrant lakeside community of Port Credit. An adventurous soul, the great outdoors always beckons and provides Vicky with endless inspiration.  Each hand-painted paddle is a work of art, ready to enhance your decor but water-worthy if you want to make a statement out in your canoe.


Designs can be customized to celebrate a special occasion or life moment such as an engagement or wedding, the birth of a child, a move to a new home, a special birthday or retirement… Vicky will work with you to create a lasting memento.


For corporate clients, paddles can be designed to reinforce corporate messaging and branding.  Vicky will collaborate with you to come up with a suitable design that makes your business shine.


Don’t hesitate to express yourself with Paddles by Blue.



“I’m happiest now when most away

I can tear my soul from its mould of clay,

On a windy night when the moon is bright,

And my eye can wander through worlds of light.


When I am not, and none beside,

Nor earth, nor sea, nor cloudless sky,

But only spirit wandering wide

Through infinite immensity."


- Emily Brontë


9 John Street North

Mississauga, Ontario L5H 2P9

Tel: (416) 889-7287

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